Multi – span greenhouses are modular structures, which can be adapted in order to fulfil every space requirement.
This line is available with curved and peaked (recommended for snowy areas) roof.
Extremely resistant, 2 – 3 mm thick tubing of galvanized iron, single central support post.
This model is the most popular among professional greenhouses for the plant and flower growing industry.
It meets all end customer needs in terms of covering and type of opening with tailor-made design and manufacturing.


• Hot or Sendzimir Z 275 galvanized iron structure, highly resistant to corrosion
• Cross-tie and braces dimensioned according to the place of installation and the type of crop
• Arch spacing 2.00 – 2.50 m
• The roof design varies from the traditional curved shape to a peaked version (recommended for snowy areas)
• Gutter connection of galvanized iron
• Single or double long-lasting/anti-drip film covering
• Films fixed by means of aluminium profiles (wide range)
• Manual or motorized sidewall opening
• Single or double motorized roof vents
• Possibility to include curved purlins and film or polycarbonate base frame
• Film or polycarbonate headends with aluminium sliding door
• The installation on the ground can be carried out by means of a base plate
on slab or concrete footing, or, alternatively, with concrete foundation.

Standard widthTube ø Tie-Beam HRidge H
6,90 mt60 mm2,80 - 4,30 mt4,20 - 5,40 mt
8,00 mt60 mm2,80 - 4,50 mt4,65 - 6,50 mt
9,00 mt60 mm2,80 - 4,50 mt4,95 - 7,00 mt
10,00 mt60 mm2,80 - 4,50 mt4,90 - 6,90 mt
11,00 mt76 mm2,80 - 4,50 mt5,20 - 6,40 mt
12,00 mt76 mm2,80 - 4,60 mt5,60 - 7,50 mt
12,80 mt88 mm4,50 - 6,00 mt8,15 - 9,65 mt
1,40 mt2,21 mtSingle dooron request
1,50 mt2,56 mtSingle dooron request
1,50 mt2,86 mtSingle dooron request
1,50 mt3,16 mtSingle dooron request
2,00 mt2,21 mtSingle door
2,00 mt2,86 mtSingle door
2,00 mt3,16 mtSingle dooron request
2,80 mt2,21 mtSingle door
3,00 mt2,56 mtDouble door
3,00 mt2,86 mtDouble door
3,00 mt3,16 mtDouble door
4,00 mt2,21 mtDouble dooron request
4,00 mt2,86 mtDouble door
4,00 mt3,16 mtDouble door
4,00 mt3,60 mtDouble dooron request

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