Cofeal srl offers all necessary products for the manual or automatic irrigation of your crops.


For automatic irrigation, Cofeal srl provides drip irrigation systems (characterised by high irrigation efficiency and low energy consumption) and subsurface drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems (equipped with remote control and automatic operating systems), ebb and flow systems for benches and fertigation systems (systems for the injection of liquid solutions, like fertilizers, into irrigation water) relying on the products and long experience in the field of Irrigazione Veneta, a company based in northern Italy and operating since 1966.

Cofeal srl can also customise your greenhouse cooling and irrigation system with tailor-made solutions by using our aluminium pipes and overhead mist emitters. Despite their light weight, our aluminium pipes are extremely sturdy and can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. They minimize irrigation time and costs and, if programmed, perform their job even when you are not there. In addition, they stand out for their quality and low price.

Drain fitting

Start-of-line fitting with
 hose connector

 mist emitter

Mist emitter with turret-type nozzle – white

Mist emitter with turret-type nozzle – brown

Mist emitter with turret-type nozzle – purple

Mist emitter with turret-type nozzle – orange

Mist emitter with turret-type nozzle – light blue

Mist emitter with turret-type nozzle – green

Our turret-type nozzles cover a spray width of 3 meters each and are also sold separately.


Cofeal Srl produces a wide range of lances of aluminium alloy, with 3/4 brass thread for rose connection and quick-coupling ball valve of brass, also sold separately.

Model A: 40 – 70 – 90 – 120 cm long lances.


Lances can be combined with our wide range of roses with concentrated jet (Model A) or wide spray pattern (Model B), both with aluminium body and 3/4 screw-to-connect female coupling, also sold separately.

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